: About us

Vercom develops global cloud communications platforms (CPaaS) that empower companies to build and grow lasting relationships with their audiences across multiple communication channels: email, SMS, push, instant messages (OTT). Our solutions enable our clients and partners to overcome the complexity of communications by automating and scaling the process while maintaining high deliverability and efficiency – all in a fast, secure and reliable manner.

: Best in class communication solutions

Vercom delivers the messages. Always. Our solutions guarantee a new level of effectiveness and reliability, regardless of the communication form or channel.

A real CPaaS

We support all of the most popular communication channels: email, SMS, Push, instant messaging (OTT).

Unique know-how

We’ve built our experience by sending billions of messages and solving thousands of problems for our clients. We support all of the most popular communication channels: email, SMS, Push and instant messaging (OTT).

The scale of operations

We are the foundation of the digital world. Every day we send millions of messages to recipients across the globe.

Integration & API

Our solutions provide a flexible API. We support crossplatforming with a guarantee of winning performance and high availability.

Fantastic support

We believe Customer Support is as important as :Technology.

CEE Focus

CEE consists of more than 15 countries, and each market has its specifics. Effective message delivery means working with both global and local partners/operators.

: New level of
business communication

: Customer-friendly approach

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: We enable 1:1 relationships at a scale of 1:1 000 000

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