: About Us

Since 2005, we have been developing global cloud communications platforms (:CPaaS) that empower companies to build and grow lasting relationships with their audiences across multiple communication channels: email, SMS, Push, instant messages (OTT).

Our solutions enable our clients and partners to overcome the complexity of communications, by automating and scaling the process while maintaining high deliverability, and efficiency – all in a fast, secure and reliable manner.

Years of Experience

: Awards

Our work has been awarded on numerous occasions
in Poland and the CEE region

Diament Miesięcznika Forbes
Financial Times
Best in Cloud
Technology Fast 50 Deloitte
Demo Camp


People are the foundation of our success.
They bring new scale to :CPaaS communications

Krzysztof Szyszka


Adam Lewkowicz


Tomasz Pakulski

Chief Operating Officer at Vercom

Łukasz Szałaśnik

Chief Financial Officer at Vercom

Karolina Antonowicz

Manging Director Omnichannel Platform

Katarzyna Garbaciak

Managing Director of E-mail Platform

Daniel Zawiliński

Managing Director of Mobile/Telco Platform

Adam Krzyczyński

Chief Software Officer at Vercom

Natalia Pawlak

Chief Product Officer at Vercom

Tomasz Szmaciński

Head of Telco Team

Marcin Kujawski

Chief Infrastructure Officer at Vercom

Bartosz Gajewski

Chief Customer Officer

Jarosław Chromiński

Managing Director of Performance

Dawid Mędrek
Dawid Mędrek

Chief Executive Officer at PushPushGO

Renata Okrajni

Chief Operating Officer at PushPushGO

Hanna Świątek

Business Integration Manager

Mateusz Worotyński
Mateusz Worotyński

Chief Product Officer at PushPushGO

Marek Kohút

Managing Director at ProfiSMS.cz

Pawel Sala
Pawel Sala

Chief Communications Officer at Vercom

Marika Rybarczyk

Chief Executive Officer at Oxylion

Pavel Mikulka

Head of Interconnect

Karolina Latos

Chief Operating Officer at FreshMail

: Vercom History

We’ve been developing innovative cloud communications platforms (CPaaS) for many years, building strong :partnerships with telcos, email providers and mobile software developers.

These relationships provide us with several tangible benefits that translate into better :calability of our customers’ businesses.

Vercom (spin-off from R22) rises as a software house with a focus on hosting, VoIP and IPTV platforms.

Redlink.pl website launch (SaaS model, four communication channels).

We leave the software house segment and integrate Redlink with CRM, ERP, Contact Center, e-commerce and billing systems.

Launch of Admetrics – a performance marketing company.

Introduction of marketing automation tools (based on specific scenarios) and Big Data capabilities.

EmailLabs configuration – adding transactional messages support to the email channel. First of its kind :CPaaSservice in Poland.

Investment in User.com and AppChance.

Push channel development kick-off. Commercial use of the Mobile Push channel begins.

Acquisition of ProfiSMS. – a leading :CPaaS provider in the Czech Republic, specializing in the SMS channel.

Acquisition of ProfiSMS. – a leading :CPaaS provider in the Czech Republic, specializing in the SMS channel.

Acquisition of ProfiSMS. – a leading :CPaaS provider in the Czech Republic, specializing in the SMS channel.

Acquisition of FreshMail,

Investment in PushPushGo.

Acquisition of MailerLite,

Acquisition of Oxylion,

The entry of Vercom into the global market.