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Conversational communication as another growing segment of the CPaaS market

Conversational communications is the future of the CPaaS market, experts at Juniper Research say the RCS messaging market is expected to grow at a compound annual average rate of 365 percent by 2025. Vercom, which creates global cloud communications platforms (CPaaS), is a pioneer in the Polish market, developing RCS technology designed to revolutionize traditional text messaging. The new messaging standard makes more profound and personalized communication possible without using any third-party applications.

Conversational technologies including RCS

RCS complements the long-standing communication channels, such as SMS, email, push or OTT messages (e.g. Viber, Whatsapp), which are available on CPaaS platforms. The new standard is also called SMS 2.0, providing access to the functionality already known from Instant Messaging Apps, such as sending much longer content enriched with video files or high-quality photos. With RCS it is also possible to have group conversations, or track whether messages have been delivered and read. In order to use the RCS standard, the user does not have to download any applications and create additional accounts, as the entire technology is based only on a telephone number, which is by far one of its greatest advantages. RCS is also very attractive solution for business that allows automation of many processes such as sales and customer service.

According to Juniper analysts, by 2025 RCS’s share of the CPaaS market could be as high as 25 percent, meaning it could soon revolutionize the way companies communicate with their customers. The growth rates are also impressive. Experts say the value of the RCS market could grow to $4.1 billion by 2025, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 365 percent.

Conversational technologies, including RCS, have enormous growth potential. We are glad to be the pioneer of this market in Poland and to have been cooperating with Polish telecoms for several years in this field. The use of RCS standard gives new opportunities for business, as it enables implementation of so called conversational communication, allowing for automation of many key processes in companies and even more efficient communication with customers – comments Krzysztof Szyszka, President of Vercom.

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