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Vercom finalized the acquisition of MailerLite

Vercom finalized the acquisition of MailerLite

Vercom, a technology company providing cloud-based solutions in the CPaaS (Communication Platform-as-a-Service) model, has finalized the acquisition of MailerLite, a global provider of email communication tools. With the acquisition, Vercom becomes a global player in the CPaaS market delivering services to nearly 57,000 customers in 180 countries. The value of the transaction was approximately PLN 400 million, which means that the acquisition of MailerLite is one of the largest transactions made by a Polish technology company in recent years. At the same time, Vercom acquired Oxylion, which will enable it to expand its service offering by adding a voice channel.

We made the largest acquisition of a foreign entity by a Polish company in 2022 and one of the largest in the technology industry in recent years. With the acquisition of MailerLite we become a global company, present in 180 markets with strong exposure to the US and Western Europe. This allows us to compete with the best players in the industry, such as Twilio or Sinch – says Krzysztof Szyszka, CEO of Vercom.

Vercom, through the acquisition of 100% of the shares of the American company MailerLite for approximately PLN 400 million, has acquired over 38,000 new customers, tripling its current number to nearly 57,000. The company has grown from a CEE market leader to a global player with presence in 180 markets. Additionally, the Vercom team was joined by approximately 100 specialists concentrated in 30 international locations, thanks to which the company will be able to serve its global customer portfolio in all time zones.

We are very pleased that all conditions precedent have been met and the acquisition has been successfully completed. We are now focused on the integration process, which will allow us to benefit from MailerLite’s international presence and realize synergies related to cross-selling of services. We will see the effects of the acquisition in Q3 2022, which will be the first full period of consolidating MailerLite’s results – adds Krzysztof Szyszka.

The settlement of the purchase price included the payment of more than EUR 54 million in cash, of which approximately EUR 28 million were funds from the public offering of shares and approximately EUR 26 million from a bank loan. As part of the transaction, the MailerLite founders also subscribed for 2,850,000 new Vercom shares at an issue price per share of EUR 10.52 (PLN 50). Thanks to a premium of 52% over the closing price on June 13, the cash portion of the settlement was about EUR 10 million lower than it would have been if the shares had been issued at the current market price.

Vercom also acquired Oxylion from R22 for PLN 37 million. The transaction was settled with the issue of shares to R22 at an issue price of PLN 41 per share. The acquisition gives Vercom another channel –  voice, which complements the CPaaS platform and will be an additional asset in the context of its global expansion strategy.


About Vercom:

Vercom develops global cloud communications platforms (CPaaS) that empower companies to build and grow lasting relationships with their audiences across multiple communication channels. Solutions offered by Vercom enable companies to automate and scale communication processes, while maintaining high deliverability and efficiency – all in a secure and reliable manner.

Currently, around 20,000 companies use Vercom’s services, including IKEA, American Express, DHL, Coca-Cola and BNP Paribas. Vercom is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and is included in the sWIG80 index. Vercom stands out with high growth dynamics – in 2021 the company’s revenues increased by 53% r/r.

CPaaS (Communication Platform-as-a-Service) is a service or solution, which enables companies to reach customers in a consistent and effective manner – through a centralized platform – using complementary communication channels (sms, email, push, instant messages OTT).

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