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Vercom Workation

Workation in Istanbul

At the end of June, our team, went on the Group’s first ever workation. The idea behind workation is basically what the word literally means – working + vacation. The combination of work and team-building trip is primarily aimed at getting to know each other’s teams and integrating employees working in different locations worldwide.

The event took place in Istanbul, where a total of 130 people (from 60 different countries). The teams had the opportunity to get to know each other better, to talk to each other and to further understand the Group-wide vision, mission and strategy. In addition, everyone had the opportunity to participate in workshops related to leadership, sales, design thinking or marketing.

Joining forces with MailerLite has made us dynamically increase the scale of our business, but has also brought new trends such as workations to our Group. We are happy to have met our MailerLite colleagues and spent time together building friendly relationships, but also learning new things. We would like to thank our colleagues from MailerLite for a fruitful time and we are looking forward to the next meeting!

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