: Our Solutions

Our :CPaaS platforms provide a unique communication technology suitable
for all industries.


The growth of the :CPaaS market is connected to the rapid development of the e-com industry, therefore, the entire ecosystem that supports it. As e-commerce grows, so does the need for logistics and payment solutions and online services, all of which are supported by CPaaS. With Viacom, you need only one e-com transaction to start an automatic messaging process between you and your client.


:CPaaS is becoming a necessary service for businesses aiming for highly effective and fast online communication with customers – such as financial institutions. Most fintechs optimize their communication activities to keep the process transparent and as efficient as possible.


The :CPaaS platforms are an extension of the intelligent martech tools. With our technology, reaching a particular recipient with a personalized message becomes a standard. Our solutions significantly improve communication management and increase security – all systems are integrated within a single platform with the highest protection and encryption levels.